At The River Church, we want individuals to have access to biblical teaching throughout the week. Below are information and links to the current sermon series at The River. Also, if you're a guest, feel free to check out the links below to get a better understanding of who we are at The River Church. 


In our current sermon series "You asked for it!", we discuss some of life's hardest questions.  Questions we know are on your heart because... You asked for it!  This series is formulated around hard hitting questions our congregation requested be discussed in church.  This is a great time to invite friends and family because each week will be aimed to be relevant and meaningful to them.  

Find a list of our topics below:

  • Loving hard to love people

  • Surviving difficult seasons in life

  • Spiritual warfare 

  • Hearing God's voice

  • Healthy family essentials

  • Help! I'm stressed! 

Click below to find sermons from our previous series!