We are an open book. We want to be as transparent as a church as possible, and we desire to be very open with our goals and ambitions through Christ. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have.

It is our hope that this page answers three basic questions. We want to make sure that you understand the personality of the church. We love God, love people, and we would love for you to join us. 


We exist for to glorify God by helping others know God, find Freedom, discover Purpose, and make a Difference! 


We believe there is nothing more valuable in life than having a relationship with God. At The River Church, we want to do everything we can to help you walk in a deep, life-giving and life-changing relationship with the creator of the universe.


We believe God wants to set you free from sin, shame, and guilt. For so many of us, after we become a Christian, we continue to struggle. But we believe as you grow in becoming a disciple of Jesus, He wants to set you free!


You are uniquely designed by the God of the universe. He has given you a purpose in this world. We want to help you discover the natural gifts and abilities God has given you so you can fulfill your purpose in this life.  


We believe God has designed us with gifts and abilities so that we can make a difference in this world. We want to give you opportunities to use the gifts God has given you to glorify Him and impact those who are around you!


The culture and values we desire to cultivate help us accomplish the mission of The River Church! 

We want to know God and make him known.

Excellence is our standard.

We will be known for our Love.

We will work hard, have good attitudes, laugh, and enjoy the journey.

The church is bigger than any one person.

We will live out the virtue of grace everyday.

Generosity is our priveledge.

Our ultimate desire is to please God.



Michael Gerald



Michael is one of the founding pastors at The River Church. He and his awesome wife Katie became married in 2011, and together they have two amazing boys, Gideon and Judah.  


Church planting had been a dream of Michael's since high school, and although ministry took him to Belize, Mississippi, and Georgia, he finally became given the opportunity to move back to Texas and plant a life-giving church in his home town of Fort Worth in 2015!


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Joel Libramento



Joel, along with Michael, is one of the founding pastors of The River Church. He is married to another awesome Katie, and together they have a beautiful boy named Manny.  In college, he and Michael dreamed about church planting together. And when the opportunity presented itself, he and Katie moved across the country to help make it happen!






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"If you are looking for a church home, this is a church that welcomes you like family. The people are wonderful and there is always a great message. Sundays are my favorite day of the week thanks to The River!"

Gladys Lopez

"I would highly recommend this church to anyone who is feeling lost, empty, or just looking to connect and grow with God.  At The River I have had a chance to build my relationship with Christ. It has been an awesome experience."

David McCloskey